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From Alexander Staubo <>
Subject Re: proposal: rename <table> to <namespace>
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 16:58:19 GMT
On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Jonathan Ellis<> wrote:
> But that's my point.  _most_ users have _not_ read the Bigtable paper,
> and it's those people we need to optimize for, not you and other
> Bigtable-readers.

If that's your point, you could have made it clearer. You will not
achieve that goal by calling it a "namespace". I would argue that
users tend to be more familiar with the idea of a "table", and the
fact that you can use Cassandra naively as a simple table makes it
easier to get started with the basics: "Oh, I see, I can use like a
MySQL table or a persistent kind of Memcached store." And then later,
when the user is ready to put away his/her chilish things: "Oh, I can
use it in this weird multidimensional way! Cool!"

>> To explicate on my earlier argument, here are a few other things that
>> I consider to be part of a table/namespace/whatchamacallit:
> I find it extremely depressing that you have so much time to argue
> about nomenclature but no time to submit patches for any of those.

Simple: Replying to this discussion takes three-four minutes tops.
Ramping up on 80kloc of code to write a bit of Java (which I worked
for seven years and now try to avoid whenever possible) takes much
more than that. So far the only itch that has provoked an interest in
contributing code has been adding a query language to Cassandra, and
that's a serious project.


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