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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Attaching patches to Jira
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 20:48:16 GMT

jbellis pointed me in the direction of a script[1] which can format one
or more git changesets into a patch series and post them as attachments
to Jira.


For anyone who is working locally with git, this script could be a real
life saver, but there is a problem that I am afraid might be a

When you are creating an attachment in the web interface, there is a
radio box to tick in order to grant license to the ASF for inclusion. I
can't see any way to do the equivalent using the SOAP interface (unless
it's a custom field which I'm not authorized to view).

Does any know of a way to attach a file to Apache's JIRA with the
licensing bit set? If this isn't doable, does anyone know if sending in
a signed CLA[2] would be enough to exempt contributors from setting the
attachment flag?


Eric Evans

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