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Subject [8/8] cassandra git commit: Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 07:48:33 GMT
Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk


Branch: refs/heads/trunk
Commit: 65f7216c642b8bdfef3b154d08d18e14302bf398
Parents: e6fb830 2b29f8a
Author: Paulo Motta <>
Authored: Tue Sep 5 02:47:36 2017 -0500
Committer: Paulo Motta <>
Committed: Tue Sep 5 02:47:36 2017 -0500

 CHANGES.txt |  1 +
 NEWS.txt    | 16 ++++++++++++++--
 2 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --cc NEWS.txt
index 7d0fe9a,cb1143f..02a4117
--- a/NEWS.txt
+++ b/NEWS.txt
@@@ -13,64 -13,21 +13,76 @@@ restore snapshots created with the prev
  'sstableloader' tool. You can upgrade the file format of your snapshots
  using the provided 'sstableupgrade' tool.
 +New features
 +   - The currentTimestamp, currentDate, currentTime and currentTimeUUID functions have been
 +     See CASSANDRA-13132
 +   - Support for arithmetic operations between `timestamp`/`date` and `duration` has been
 +     See CASSANDRA-11936
 +   - Support for arithmetic operations on number has been added. See CASSANDRA-11935
 +   - Preview expected streaming required for a repair (nodetool repair --preview), and validate
 +     consistency of repaired data between nodes (nodetool repair --validate). See CASSANDRA-13257
 +   - Support for selecting Map values and Set elements has been added for SELECT queries.
 +   - Change-Data-Capture has been modified to make CommitLogSegments available
 +     immediately upon creation via hard-linking the files. This means that incomplete
 +     segments will be available in cdc_raw rather than fully flushed. See documentation
 +     and CASSANDRA-12148 for more detail.
 +    - Support for legacy auth tables in the system_auth keyspace (users,
 +      permissions, credentials) and the migration code has been removed. Migration
 +      of these legacy auth tables must have been completed before the upgrade to
 +      4.0 and the legacy tables must have been removed. See the 'Upgrading' section
 +      for version 2.2 for migration instructions.
 +    - Cassandra 4.0 removed support for the deprecated Thrift interface. Amongst
 +      Tother things, this imply the removal of all yaml option related to thrift
 +      ('start_rpc', rpc_port, ...).
 +    - Cassandra 4.0 removed support for any pre-3.0 format. This means you
 +      cannot upgrade from a 2.x version to 4.0 directly, you have to upgrade to
 +      a 3.0.x/3.x version first (and run upgradesstable). In particular, this
 +      mean Cassandra 4.0 cannot load or read pre-3.0 sstables in any way: you
 +      will need to upgrade those sstable in 3.0.x/3.x first.
 +    - Upgrades from 3.0.x or 3.x are supported since 3.0.13 or 3.11.0, previous
 +      versions will causes issues during rolling upgrades (CASSANDRA-13274).
 +    - Cassandra will no longer allow invalid keyspace replication options, such
 +      as invalid datacenter names for NetworkTopologyStrategy. Operators MUST
 +      add new nodes to a datacenter before they can set set ALTER or CREATE
 +      keyspace replication policies using that datacenter. Existing keyspaces
 +      will continue to operate, but CREATE and ALTER will validate that all
 +      datacenters specified exist in the cluster.
 +    - Cassandra 4.0 fixes a problem with incremental repair which caused repaired
 +      data to be inconsistent between nodes. The fix changes the behavior of both
 +      full and incremental repairs. For full repairs, data is no longer marked
 +      repaired. For incremental repairs, anticompaction is run at the beginning
 +      of the repair, instead of at the end. If incremental repair was being used
 +      prior to upgrading, a full repair should be run after upgrading to resolve
 +      any inconsistencies.
 +    - Config option index_interval has been removed (it was deprecated since 2.0)
 +    - Deprecated repair JMX APIs are removed.
 +    - The version of snappy-java has been upgraded to
 +	- the miniumum value for internode message timeouts is 10ms. Previously, any
 +	  positive value was allowed. See cassandra.yaml entries like
 +	  read_request_timeout_in_ms for more details.
+ 3.11.1
+ ======
- Materialized Views
- -------------------
+ Upgrading
+ ---------
+     - Creating Materialized View with filtering on non-primary-key base column
+       (added in CASSANDRA-10368) is disabled, because the liveness of view row
+       is depending on multiple filtered base non-key columns and base non-key
+       column used in view primary-key. This semantic cannot be supported without
+       storage format change, see CASSANDRA-13826. For append-only use case, you
+       may still use this feature with a startup flag: ""
 -Materialized Views (only when upgrading from 3.X or any version lower than 3.0.15)
++Materialized Views (only when upgrading from any version lower than 3.0.15 (3.0 series)
or 3.11.1 (3.X series))
+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      - Cassandra will no longer allow dropping columns on tables with Materialized Views.
      - A change was made in the way the Materialized View timestamp is computed, which
        may cause an old deletion to a base column which is view primary key (PK) column

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