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Subject [1/9] cassandra git commit: Quick fix: Add missing developers to build.xml file.
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2017 23:27:25 GMT
Repository: cassandra
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/cassandra-3.0 82943d6aa -> 76ad028f6
  refs/heads/cassandra-3.11 23a1dee45 -> 515e4a227
  refs/heads/trunk 48bfc8e8d -> a0827fb2e

Quick fix: Add missing developers to build.xml file.


Branch: refs/heads/cassandra-3.0
Commit: 753d90cd77959b7640b2189060438b4c5403cf4e
Parents: 9a80f80
Author: Nate McCall <>
Authored: Wed Feb 15 11:50:23 2017 +1300
Committer: Aleksey Yeschenko <>
Committed: Tue Feb 14 23:20:23 2017 +0000

 build.xml | 20 ++++++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 18 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/build.xml b/build.xml
index 94e4723..31c239b 100644
--- a/build.xml
+++ b/build.xml
@@ -423,33 +423,49 @@
           <dependency groupId="joda-time" artifactId="joda-time" version="2.4" />
+        <developer id="adelapena" name="Andres de la Peña"/>
         <developer id="alakshman" name="Avinash Lakshman"/>
         <developer id="aleksey" name="Aleksey Yeschenko"/>
         <developer id="amorton" name="Aaron Morton"/>
+        <developer id="aweisberg" name="Ariel Weisberg"/>
+        <developer id="bdeggleston" name="Blake Eggleston"/>
         <developer id="benedict" name="Benedict Elliott Smith"/>
         <developer id="benjamin" name="Benjamin Lerer"/>
+        <developer id="blambov" name="Branimir Lambov"/>
         <developer id="brandonwilliams" name="Brandon Williams"/>
-        <developer id="dbrosius" name="David Brosius"/>
+        <developer id="carl" name="Carl Yeksigian"/>
+        <developer id="dbrosius" name="David Brosiusd"/>
+        <developer id="dikang" name="Dikang Gu"/>
         <developer id="eevans" name="Eric Evans"/>
         <developer id="gdusbabek" name="Gary Dusbabek"/>
         <developer id="goffinet" name="Chris Goffinet"/>
+        <developer id="ifesdjeen" name="Alex Petrov"/>
         <developer id="jaakko" name="Laine Jaakko Olavi"/>
         <developer id="jake" name="T Jake Luciani"/>
         <developer id="jasonbrown" name="Jason Brown"/>
         <developer id="jbellis" name="Jonathan Ellis"/>
+        <developer id="jfarrell" name="Jake Farrell"/>
+        <developer id="jjirsa" name="Jeff Jirsa"/>
+        <developer id="jkni" name="Joel Knighton"/>
         <developer id="jmckenzie" name="Josh McKenzie"/>
         <developer id="johan" name="Johan Oskarsson"/>
         <developer id="junrao" name="Jun Rao"/>
+        <developer id="kohlisankalp" name="Sankalp Kohli"/>
         <developer id="marcuse" name="Marcus Eriksson"/>
+        <developer id="mck" name="Michael Semb Wever"/>
         <developer id="mishail" name="Mikhail Stepura"/>
+        <developer id="mshuler" name="Michael Shuler"/>
+        <developer id="paulo" name="Paulo Motta"/>
         <developer id="pmalik" name="Prashant Malik"/>
-      	<developer id="rstupp" name="Robert Stupp"/>
+        <developer id="rstupp" name="Robert Stupp"/>
         <developer id="scode" name="Peter Schuller"/>
         <developer id="slebresne" name="Sylvain Lebresne"/>
+        <developer id="stefania" name="Stefania Alborghetti"/>
         <developer id="tylerhobbs" name="Tyler Hobbs"/>
         <developer id="vijay" name="Vijay Parthasarathy"/>
         <developer id="xedin" name="Pavel Yaskevich"/>
         <developer id="yukim" name="Yuki Morishita"/>
+        <developer id="zznate" name="Nate McCall"/>
       <!-- each dependency set then defines the subset of the dependencies for that dependency
set -->

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