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Subject [9/9] cassandra git commit: Merge branch 'cassandra-3.9' into trunk
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2016 22:08:12 GMT
Merge branch 'cassandra-3.9' into trunk


Branch: refs/heads/trunk
Commit: 1e8533a316562e4aaed27a069e28f88d5d480ef2
Parents: 5c6cdc6 b2a6309
Author: Tyler Hobbs <>
Authored: Wed Aug 17 17:06:57 2016 -0500
Committer: Tyler Hobbs <>
Committed: Wed Aug 17 17:06:57 2016 -0500

 NEWS.txt  | 2 +-
 build.xml | 4 ++++
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --cc NEWS.txt
index a8ba483,8725931..53cb389
--- a/NEWS.txt
+++ b/NEWS.txt
@@@ -13,77 -13,7 +13,77 @@@ restore snapshots created with the prev
  'sstableloader' tool. You can upgrade the file format of your snapshots
  using the provided 'sstableupgrade' tool.
 +New features
 +   - A slow query log has been added: slow queries will be logged at DEBUG level.
 +     For more details refer to CASSANDRA-12403 and slow_query_log_timeout_in_ms
 +     in cassandra.yaml.
 +   - Support for GROUP BY queries has been added.
 +   - A new compaction-stress tool has been added to test the throughput of compaction
 +     for any cassandra-stress user schema.  see compaction-stress help for how to use.
 +   - Compaction can now take into account overlapping tables that don't take part
 +     in the compaction to look for deleted or overwritten data in the compacted tables.
 +     Then such data is found, it can be safely discarded, which in turn should enable
 +     the removal of tombstones over that data.
 +     The behavior can be engaged in two ways:
 +       - as a "nodetool garbagecollect -g CELL/ROW" operation, which applies
 +         single-table compaction on all sstables to discard deleted data in one step.
 +       - as a "provide_overlapping_tombstones:CELL/ROW/NONE" compaction strategy flag,
 +         which uses overlapping tables as a source of deletions/overwrites during all
 +         compactions.
 +     The argument specifies the granularity at which deleted data is to be found:
 +       - If ROW is specified, only whole deleted rows (or sets of rows) will be
 +         discarded.
 +       - If CELL is specified, any columns whose value is overwritten or deleted
 +         will also be discarded.
 +       - NONE (default) specifies the old behavior, overlapping tables are not used to
 +         decide when to discard data.
 +     Which option to use depends on your workload, both ROW and CELL increase the
 +     disk load on compaction (especially with the size-tiered compaction strategy),
 +     with CELL being more resource-intensive. Both should lead to better read
 +     performance if deleting rows (resp. overwriting or deleting cells) is common.
 +   - Prepared statements are now persisted in the table prepared_statements in
 +     the system keyspace. Upon startup, this table is used to preload all
 +     previously prepared statements - i.e. in many cases clients do not need to
 +     re-prepare statements against restarted nodes.
 +   - cqlsh can now connect to older Cassandra versions by downgrading the native
 +     protocol version. Please note that this is currently not part of our release
 +     testing and, as a consequence, it is not guaranteed to work in all cases.
 +     See CASSANDRA-12150 for more details.
 +   - Snapshots that are automatically taken before a table is dropped or truncated
 +     will have a "dropped" or "truncated" prefix on their snapshot tag name.
 +   - Metrics are exposed for successful and failed authentication attempts.
 +     These can be located using the object names org.apache.cassandra.metrics:type=Client,name=AuthSuccess
 +     and org.apache.cassandra.metrics:type=Client,name=AuthFailure respectively.
 +   - Add support to "unset" JSON fields in prepared statements by specifying DEFAULT UNSET.
 +     See CASSANDRA-11424 for details
 +   - Allow TTL with null value on insert and update. It will be treated as equivalent to
inserting a 0.
 +    - Request timeouts in cassandra.yaml (read_request_timeout_in_ms, etc) now apply to
 +      "full" request time on the coordinator.  Previously, they only covered the time from
 +      when the coordinator sent a message to a replica until the time that the replica
 +      responded.  Additionally, the previous behavior was to reset the timeout when performing
 +      a read repair, making a second read to fix a short read, and when subranges were read
 +      as part of a range scan or secondary index query.  In 3.10 and higher, the timeout
 +      is no longer reset for these "subqueries".  The entire request must complete within
 +      the specified timeout.  As a consequence, your timeouts may need to be adjusted
 +      to account for this.  See CASSANDRA-12256 for more details.
 +    - Logs written to stdout are now consistent with logs written to files.
 +      Time is now local (it was UTC on the console and local in files). Date, thread, file
 +      and line info where added to stdout. (see CASSANDRA-12004)
 +    - The 'clientutil' jar, which has been somewhat broken on the 3.x branch, is not longer
 +      The features provided by that jar are provided by any good java driver and we advise
relying on drivers rather on
 +      that jar, but if you need that jar for backward compatiblity until you do so, you
should use the version provided
 +      on previous Cassandra branch, like the 3.0 branch (by design, the functionality provided
by that jar are stable
 +      accross versions so using the 3.0 jar for a client connecting to 3.x should work without
- 3.9
+ 3.8
  New features
diff --cc build.xml
index df6d469,ed40eb6..8ae42b8
--- a/build.xml
+++ b/build.xml
@@@ -1492,7 -1557,7 +1492,11 @@@
    <target name="test-all" 
++<<<<<<< HEAD
 +          depends="eclipse-warnings,test,long-test,test-compression,stress-test"
+           depends="eclipse-warnings,test,long-test,test-compression" 
++>>>>>>> cassandra-3.9
            description="Run all tests except for those under test-burn" />
    <!-- Use JaCoCo ant extension without needing externally saved lib -->

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