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Subject [5/6] cassandra git commit: Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2015 15:28:34 GMT
Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0


Branch: refs/heads/cassandra-3.0
Commit: 454268bc8bd1633626e78463db7d87f518959823
Parents: dc61fa6 2d825a1
Author: Yuki Morishita <>
Authored: Tue Oct 13 10:27:50 2015 -0500
Committer: Yuki Morishita <>
Committed: Tue Oct 13 10:27:50 2015 -0500

 NEWS.txt | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --cc NEWS.txt
index 61fb9ba,f9fbe43..b422453
--- a/NEWS.txt
+++ b/NEWS.txt
@@@ -44,79 -18,8 +44,76 @@@ New feature
 -    - Nothing specific to this release, but please see 2.2 if you are upgrading
 -      from a previous version.
 +   - Upgrade to 3.0 is supported from Cassandra 2.1 versions greater or equal to 2.1.9,
 +     or Cassandra 2.2 versions greater or equal to 2.2.1. Upgrade from Cassandra 2.0 and
 +     older versions is not supported.
 +   - The 'memtable_allocation_type: offheap_objects' option has been removed. It should
 +     be re-introduced in a future release and you can follow CASSANDRA-9472 to know more.
 +   - The native protocol versions 1 and 2 are not supported anymore.
 +   - Max mutation size is now configurable via max_mutation_size_in_kb setting in
 +     cassandra.yaml; the default is half the size commitlog_segment_size_in_mb * 1024.
 +   - 3.0 requires Java 8u40 or later.
 +   - The default JVM GC has been changed to G1GC.
-    - The default JVM flag -XX:+PerfDisableSharedMem will cause the following tools JVM
-      to stop working: jps, jstack, jinfo, jmc, jcmd as well as 3rd party tools like Jolokia.
-      If you wish to use these tools you can comment this flag out in cassandra-env.{sh,ps1}
 +   - New transaction log files have been introduced to replace the compactions_in_progress
 +     system table, temporary file markers (tmp and tmplink) and sstable ancerstors.
 +     Therefore, compaction metadata no longer contains ancestors. Transaction log files
 +     list sstable descriptors involved in compactions and other operations such as flushing
 +     and streaming. Use the sstableutil tool to list any sstable files currently involved
 +     in operations not yet completed, which previously would have been marked as temporary.
 +     A transaction log file contains one sstable per line, with the prefix "add:" or "remove:".
 +     They also contain a special line "commit", only inserted at the end when the transaction
 +     is committed. On startup we use these files to cleanup any partial transactions that
 +     in progress when the process exited. If the commit line is found, we keep new sstables
 +     (those with the "add" prefix) and delete the old sstables (those with the "remove"
 +     vice-versa if the commit line is missing. Should you lose or delete these log files,
 +     both old and new sstable files will be kept as live files, which will result in duplicated
 +     sstables. These files are protected by incremental checksums so you should not manually
 +     edit them. When restoring a full backup or moving sstable files, you should clean-up
 +     any left over transactions and their temporary files first. You can use this command:
 +      ===> sstableutil -c ks table
 +     See CASSANDRA-7066 for full details.
 +   - New write stages have been added for batchlog and materialized view mutations
 +     you can set their size in cassandra.yaml
 +   - User defined functions are now executed in a sandbox.
 +     To use UDFs and UDAs, you have to enable them in cassandra.yaml.
 +   - New SSTable version 'la' with improved bloom-filter false-positive handling
 +     compared to previous version 'ka' used in 2.2 and 2.1. Running sstableupgrade
 +     is not necessary but recommended.
 +   - Before upgrading to 3.0, make sure that your cluster is in complete agreement
 +     (schema versions outputted by `nodetool describecluster` are all the same).
 +   - Schema metadata is now stored in the new `system_schema` keyspace, and
 +     legacy `system.schema_*` tables are now gone; see CASSANDRA-6717 for details.
 +   - Pig's CassandraStorage has been removed. Use CqlNativeStorage instead.
 +   - Hadoop BulkOutputFormat and BulkRecordWriter have been removed; use
 +     CqlBulkOutputFormat and CqlBulkRecordWriter instead.
 +   - Hadoop ColumnFamilyInputFormat and ColumnFamilyOutputFormat have been removed;
 +     use CqlInputFormat and CqlOutputFormat instead.
 +   - Hadoop ColumnFamilyRecordReader and ColumnFamilyRecordWriter have been removed;
 +     use CqlRecordReader and CqlRecordWriter instead.
 +   - hinted_handoff_enabled in cassandra.yaml no longer supports a list of data centers.
 +     To specify a list of excluded data centers when hinted_handoff_enabled is set to true,
 +     use hinted_handoff_disabled_datacenters, see CASSANDRA-9035 for details.
 +   - The `sstable_compression` and `chunk_length_kb` compression options have been deprecated.
 +     The new options are `class` and `chunk_length_in_kb`. Disabling compression should
 +     be done by setting the new option `enabled` to `false`.
 +   - The compression option `crc_check_chance` became a top-level table option, but is currently
 +     enforced only against tables with enabled compression.
 +   - Only map syntax is now allowed for caching options. ALL/NONE/KEYS_ONLY/ROWS_ONLY syntax
 +     has been deprecated since 2.1.0 and is being removed in 3.0.0.
 +   - The 'index_interval' option for 'CREATE TABLE' statements, which has been deprecated
 +     since 2.1 and replaced with the 'min_index_interval' and 'max_index_interval' options,
 +     has now been removed.
 +   - Batchlog entries are now stored in a new table - system.batches.
 +     The old one has been deprecated.
 +   - JMX methods set/getCompactionStrategyClass have been removed, use
 +     set/getCompactionParameters or set/getCompactionParametersJson instead.
 +   - SizeTieredCompactionStrategy parameter cold_reads_to_omit has been removed.
 +   - The secondary index API has been comprehensively reworked. This will be a breaking
 +     change for any custom index implementations, which should now look to implement
 +     the new org.apache.cassandra.index.Index interface. New syntax has been added to create
 +     and query row-based indexes, which are not explicitly linked to a single column in
 +     base table.

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