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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "HowToContribute" by DaveBrosius
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 00:58:21 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Cassandra Wiki" for change notification.

The "HowToContribute" page has been changed by DaveBrosius:

show new git repository instructions (and for now don't show github mirror as it's not mirroring)

   1. Check if someone else has already begun work on the change you have in mind in the [[|issue
   1. If not, create a ticket describing the change you're proposing in the issue tracker
   1. Check out the latest version of the source code
-   * svn checkout cassandra-trunk
+   * git clone cassandra-trunk
-    . or
-   * git clone git://
   1. Modify the source to include the improvement/bugfix
    * Verify that you follow Cassandra's CodeStyle.
    * Verify that your change works by adding a unit test.
    * Make sure all tests pass by running "ant test" in the project directory.
    * For testing multi-node behavior, is useful
   1. When you're happy with the result create a patch:
-   * svn add <any new file>
+   * git add <any new file>
-   * svn diff > branchname-issue.txt (e.g. trunk-123.txt, cassandra-0.6-123.txt)
+   * git diff > branchname-issue.txt (e.g. trunk-123.txt, cassandra-0.6-123.txt)
   1. Attach the newly generated patch to the issue and click "Submit patch" in the left side
of the JIRA page
   1. Wait for other developers or committers to review it and hopefully +1 the ticket
   1. Wait for a committer to commit it.

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