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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "FrontPage_PT-BR" by RodrigoHjort
Date Sun, 15 May 2011 02:11:43 GMT
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The "FrontPage_PT-BR" page has been changed by RodrigoHjort.


New page:
## Please edit system and help pages ONLY in the moinmaster wiki! For more
## information, please see MoinMaster:MoinPagesEditorGroup.
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#language en
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= Cassandra Wiki =
Cassandra é um armazém de dados estruturados do tipo chave-valor que é altamente escalável,
futuramente consistente e distribuído. O Cassandra reune as tecnologias de sistemas distribuídos
do [[|Dynamo da
Amazon]] e o modelo de dados do [[|BigTable
da Google]]. Tal como Dynamo, o Cassandra é [[|futuramente
consistente (''eventually consistent'')]]. E assim como !BigTable, o Cassandra fornece um
modelo de dados baseado em famílias de colunas mais rico que nos típicos sistemas de chave/valor.

Cassandra teve seu código fonte aberto pelo Facebook em 2008, onde havia sido projetado por
Avinash Lakshman (um dos autores do Dynamo da Amazon) e Prashant Malik (engenheiro do Facebook).
De qualquer forma, você pode pensar no Cassandra como um Dynamo 2.0 ou um casamento do Dynamo
com o !BigTable. Cassandra roda em produção no Facebook, porém ainda está sob pesado desenvolvimento.

== General Information ==
 * [[|Official Cassandra Website]] (download, bug-tracking, mailing-lists,
 * [[ArticlesAndPresentations|Articles and Presentations]] about Cassandra.
 * [[DataModel|A description of the Cassandra data model]]
 * [[CassandraLimitations|Cassandra Limitations]]: where Cassandra is not a good fit

== Application developer and operator documentation ==
 * [[GettingStarted|Getting Started]]
 * [[|Datastax's Cassandra documentation]]
 * [[ClientOptions|Client options: ways to access Cassandra]] -- interfaces for Ruby, Python,
Scala and more
 * [[IntegrationPoints]] -- list of ways Cassandra is integrated with other projects/products
 * [[RunningCassandra|Running Cassandra]]
 * [[ArchitectureOverview|Architecture Overview]]
 * [[UseCases|Simple Use Cases and Solutions]] -- please help complete
 * [[FAQ]]
 * [[Counters]]
 * [[SecondaryIndexes]]

== Advanced Setup and Tuning ==
 * [[StorageConfiguration|Storage Configuration]]
 * [[MultinodeCluster|Creating a multi-node cluster]]
 * [[Operations]]
 * [[Embedding]]
 * [[MemtableThresholds|Memtable Thresholds]] and other [[PerformanceTuning|Performance Tuning]]
 * [[CassandraHardware|Cassandra Hardware]]
 * [[CloudConfig|Configuration on Rackspace or Amazon Web Services]]
 * [[LargeDataSetConsiderations|Large data set considerations]]

== Client library developer information ==
 * [[API|Thrift API Documentation]] (In progress)

== Cassandra developer Documentation ==
 * [[HowToBuild|How To Build]]
 * ArchitectureInternals
 * [[CLI Design]]
 * [[HowToContribute|How To Contribute?]]
 * [[HowToCommit|How To Commit?]]
 * [[HowToPublishReleases|How To Release]] (Note: currently a work in progress) (Note: only
relevant to Cassandra Committers)

== Mailing lists ==
 * Users: [[|(subscribe)]]
[[|(archives)]] [[|(incubator
 * Developers: [[|(subscribe)]]
[[|(archives)]] [[|(incubator
 * Commits: [[|(subscribe)]]

== Related Information ==
 * [[|Thrift]], used by Cassandra for client access
 * RelatedProjects: Projects using or extending Cassandra

== Google SoC 2010 Page ==
 * [[GoogleSoc2010|Google SoC]]

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edit it. Try SyntaxReference if you need help on wiki markup, and FindPage or SiteNavigation
to search for existing pages before creating a new one. If you aren't sure where to begin,
checkout RecentChanges to see what others have been working on, or RandomPage if you are feeling

== Other Languages ==
 * [[首页|SimpleChinese 简体中文]]
 * [[FrontPage_JP|Japanese 日本語]]

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