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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "MultiTenant" by StuHood
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:38:01 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "MultiTenant" page has been changed by StuHood.


   * For multi-tenant order preserved partitioning, auto/online load balancing is pretty important
   * Track per-user/per-keyspace statistics [[|CASSANDRA-841]]
   * Improve load balancing to take into account load in terms of operations - probably add
no. of operations performed on top of disk space used [[|CASSANDRA-1037]]
+  * Provide relative memory usage settings for Memtables (and eventually caches) out of configurable
totals [[|CASSANDRA-2006]]
  == Completed tickets having to do with multi-tenancy ==
   * Ability to lock down schemas for Column Families - [[|CASSANDRA-1554]]
@@ -20, +21 @@

  == Ideas under consideration ==
   * Include memory usage in "load" considerations for load balancing: ColumnFamilies with
higher cache requirements have memory to consider.
-  * Provide relative memory usage settings for caches and Memtables out of configurable (per-user?)
   * Namespaces - in a multi-tenant use case, each user might like to have a keyspace XYZ
for whatever reason.  So it might be nice to have namespaces so that keyspace XYZ could be
specific to their user.  Ideally this would be an option that would not affect those that
don't use namespaces.
     * The distinction from keyspaces is that a namespace would be completely transparent
to the user: the existence of namespaces would not be exposed. It might be returned by the
authentication backend on login, and prefixed to keyspaces transparently.
   * JMX authentication without breaking nodetool - currently if you try to use JMX authentication,
some of the Cassandra tools won't connect properly.

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