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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Trivial Update of "API" by NickTelford
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 12:29:43 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "API" page has been changed by NickTelford.
The comment on this change is: Minor formatting tweak.


  == Method calls ==
  === login ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `void login(keyspace, auth_request)`
@@ -240, +240 @@

  Remove data from the row specified by `key` at the granularity specified by `column_path`,
and the given `timestamp`.  Note that all the values in `column_path` besides `column_path.column_family`
are truly optional: you can remove the entire row by just specifying the !ColumnFamily, or
you can remove a !SuperColumn or a single Column by specifying those levels too. Note that
the `timestamp` is needed, so that if the commands are replayed in a different order on different
nodes, the same result is produced.
  === describe_keyspaces ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `set<string> describe_keyspaces()`
  Gets a list of all the keyspaces configured for the cluster.
  === describe_cluster_name ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `string describe_cluster_name()`
  Gets the name of the cluster.
  === describe_version ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `string describe_version()`
  Gets the Thrift API version.
  === describe_ring ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `list<TokenRange> describe_ring(keyspace)`
  Gets the token ring; a map of ranges to host addresses. Represented as a `set` of `TokenRange`
instead of a map from range to list of endpoints, because you can't use Thrift structs as
map keys: for the same reason, we can't return
a set here, even though order is neither important nor predictable.
  === describe_keyspace ===
- '''Requires Cassandra 0.6'''
+ ''Requires Cassandra 0.6''
   . `map<string, map<string, string>> describe_keyspace(keyspace)`

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