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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "DebianPackaging" by EricEvans
Date Sun, 27 Dec 2009 20:49:40 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Cassandra Wiki" for change notification.

The "DebianPackaging" page has been changed by EricEvans.
The comment on this change is: update for reworked branches (again) :s.


   * Start-up options (heap size, etc) can be configured in /etc/default/cassandra
  == Building ==
- The Debian packaging is kept in a repository on [[|Github]] and its layout
conforms to the convention used by [[|git-buildpackage]].
+ The Debian packaging is kept in branches of a repository on [[|Github]].
''Note: The packaging branches share no ancestry with cassandra''.
  # Install build dependencies.
@@ -28, +28 @@

  git remote add debian git:// && git fetch debian
  # Assuming a build based on the 0.5 branch ...
- git checkout -b debian_0.5 debian/debian_0.5
+ git checkout -b build-0.5 debian/debian-0.5
+ git merge origin/cassandra-0.5
  git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=origin/cassandra-0.5 \
-         --git-debian-branch=debian_0.5 -rfakeroot -us -uc
+         --git-debian-branch=build-0.5 -rfakeroot -us -uc
  # Assuming a build based on trunk ...
- git checkout -b debian debian/debian
+ git checkout -b build-trunk debian/debian-trunk
+ git merge origin/trunk
- git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=origin/trunk --git-debian-branch=debian \
+ git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=origin/trunk --git-debian-branch=build-trunk \
          -rfakeroot -us -uc

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