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From Ricardo Pescuma Domenecci <>
Subject A dummy cassandra client (in java)
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 01:22:31 GMT
Hi all,

I'm playing with a API to simplify the use of cassandra. The objective
is to have a simple API, friendly to new users (it is not aimed to be
complete). Internally it uses Hector, but this should be transparent
to outside users and they should never have to use any class from
Hector or Thrift.

If someone would like to try it (or just give any suggestions), it can
be found at:

Some examples of usage:

    CassandraCluster cluster = new CassandraCluster("test-cluster",
    CassandraKeyspace keyspace = cluster.addKeyspace("MyKeyspace");
    keyspace.addColumnFamily("ColumnFamilyName", CassandraType.UTF8,
CassandraType.UTF8, CassandraType.UTF8);


    (String) keyspace.getColumnFamily("ColumnFamilyName").getRow("row-id").getColumn("column-name");


More examples can be found at the github page.


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