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From Roberto Ostinelli <>
Subject Erlang Thrift generator broken?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 01:01:35 GMT
Dear list,

I'm building an Erlang CQL client for Cassandra. I'm using Thrift version 0.8.0, and Cassandra
1.0.5. I've generated the Erlang Thrift code with the command:
thrift --gen erl cassandra/interface/cassandra.thrift

One of the generate files, cassandra_types.hrl, seems to have incorrect record definitions.
To be more precise:

-record(cqlMetadata, {name_types = dict:new() :: dict(), 
                      value_types = dict:new() :: dict(), 
                      default_name_type = undefined :: string(),
                      default_value_type = undefined :: string()}).

-record(column, {name = undefined :: string(),
		value = undefined :: string(), 
                 timestamp = undefined :: integer(), 
                 ttl = undefined :: integer()}).

For instance, these two records specify string() in name and value columns, but the real returned
values from Cassandra are binary(). Haven't tested it yet, but everytime there's a string()
specification in this file, it really seems that it should be binary(), which is what thrift
calls return from Cassandra.

Is this the appropriate list where I should report this, or should I do so in some other list
dedicated to API development?

Thank you,

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