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From shyamal <>
Subject Ruby cassandra client: unit tests no longer pass 100%
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2011 07:43:57 GMT


The unit tests for the fauna cassandra ruby client
( consistently fail for me:

$ ruby ./test/cassandra_test.rb -n test_each
 1) Failure:
test_each(CassandraTest) [./test/cassandra_test.rb:354]:
each limits to specified count.
<7> expected but was

As far as I can tell this is because get_range_batch was modified to
discard rows when a block is provided as a way to reduce memory
footprint. This broke support for a :key_count.

I submitted a request to what I think is "upstream" for this project at Since I've got no feedback
I'd appreciate some confirmation that this was the right place to
discuss the library (and, of course, any feedback on the failure case
itself is welcome!).


PS: Sorry if you see duplicate messages, I seemed to have had trouble
posting to this list earlier today.

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