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From jackylk <>
Subject [GitHub] carbondata pull request #1970: [CARBONDATA-2159] Remove carbon-spark depende...
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 09:47:21 GMT
GitHub user jackylk opened a pull request:

    [CARBONDATA-2159] Remove carbon-spark dependency in store-sdk module

    store-sdk module should not depend on carbon-spark module
    This PR changes:
    1.  A `Maps` utility is added to provide `getOrDefault` method and avoid JDK 8 dependency
    2. `CarbonLoadModelBuilder` is added to build `CarbonLoadModel`
    3. `DataLoadingUtil.scala` and `ValidateUtil.scala` is changed to java implementation
and moved to `CarbonLoadModelBuilder` in processing module
    After all these changes, carbon-spark dependency can be removed from store-sdk module
     - [X] Any interfaces changed?
     - [X] Any backward compatibility impacted?
     - [X] Document update required?
     - [X] Testing done
    No functionality is added 
     - [X] For large changes, please consider breaking it into sub-tasks under an umbrella

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull sdk-remove-spark-dependency

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #1970
commit 952665a8c1c52f28951463fef989333ae0e6d83e
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-01-06T12:28:44Z

    [CARBONDATA-1992] Remove partitionId in CarbonTablePath
    In CarbonTablePath, there is a deprecated partition id which is always 0, it should be
removed to avoid confusion.
    This closes #1765

commit 111c3821557820241d1114d87eae2f7cd017e610
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-01-02T15:46:14Z

    [CARBONDATA-1968] Add external table support
    This PR adds support for creating external table with existing carbondata files, using
Hive syntax.
    CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE tableName STORED BY 'carbondata' LOCATION 'path'
    This closes #1749

commit 80b42ac662ebd2bc243ca91c86b035717223daf4
Author: SangeetaGulia <sangeeta.gulia@...>
Date:   2017-09-21T09:26:26Z

    [CARBONDATA-1827] S3 Carbon Implementation
    1.Provide support for s3 in carbondata.
    2.Added S3Example to create carbon table on s3.
    3.Added S3CSVExample to load carbon table using csv from s3.
    This closes #1805

commit 71c2d8ca4a3212cff1eedbe78ee03e521f57fbbc
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-01-31T16:25:31Z

    [REBASE] Solve conflict after rebasing master

commit 15b4e192ee904a2e7c845ac67e0fcf1ba151a683
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-01-30T13:24:04Z

    [CARBONDATA-2099] Refactor query scan process to improve readability
    Unified concepts in scan process flow:
    1.QueryModel contains all parameter for scan, it is created by API in CarbonTable. (In
future, CarbonTable will be the entry point for various table operations)
    2.Use term ColumnChunk to represent one column in one blocklet, and use ChunkIndex in
reader to read specified column chunk
    3.Use term ColumnPage to represent one page in one ColumnChunk
    4.QueryColumn => ProjectionColumn, indicating it is for projection
    This closes #1874

commit c3e99681bcd397ed33bc90e8d73b1fd33e0e60f7
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-01-31T08:14:27Z

    [CARBONDATA-2025] Unify all path construction through CarbonTablePath static method
    Refactory CarbonTablePath:
    1.Remove CarbonStorePath and use CarbonTablePath only.
    2.Make CarbonTablePath an utility without object creation, it can avoid creating object
before using it, thus code is cleaner and GC is less.
    This closes #1768

commit e502c59a2d0b95d80db3aff04c749654254eadbe
Author: Jatin <jatin.demla@...>
Date:   2018-01-25T11:23:00Z

    [CARBONDATA-2080] [S3-Implementation] Propagated hadoopConf from driver to executor for
s3 implementation in cluster mode.
    Problem : hadoopconf was not getting propagated from driver to the executor that's why
load was failing to the distributed environment.
    Solution: Setting the Hadoop conf in base class CarbonRDD
    How to verify this PR :
    Execute the load in the cluster mode It should be a success using location s3.
    This closes #1860

commit cae74a8cecea74e8899a87dcb7d12e0dec1b8069
Author: sounakr <sounakr@...>
Date:   2017-09-28T10:51:05Z

    [CARBONDATA-1480]Min Max Index Example for DataMap
    Datamap Example. Implementation of Min Max Index through Datamap. And Using the Index
while prunning.
    This closes #1359

commit e972fd3d5cc8f392d47ca111b2d8f262edb29ac6
Author: ravipesala <ravi.pesala@...>
Date:   2017-11-15T14:18:40Z

    [CARBONDATA-1544][Datamap] Datamap FineGrain implementation
    Implemented interfaces for FG datamap and integrated to filterscanner to use the pruned
bitset from FG datamap.
    FG Query flow as follows.
    1.The user can add FG datamap to any table and implement there interfaces.
    2. Any filter query which hits the table with datamap will call prune method of FGdatamap.
    3. The prune method of FGDatamap return list FineGrainBlocklet , these blocklets contain
the information of block, blocklet, page and rowids information as well.
    4. The pruned blocklets are internally wriitten to file and returns only the block , blocklet
and filepath information as part of Splits.
    5. Based on the splits scanrdd schedule the tasks.
    6. In filterscanner we check the datamapwriterpath from split and reNoteads the bitset
if exists. And pass this bitset as input to it.
    This closes #1471

commit cd7eed66bdd7b0044953cb5bf037f6cce38c9e12
Author: xuchuanyin <xuchuanyin@...>
Date:   2018-02-08T07:39:45Z

    [HotFix][CheckStyle] Fix import related checkstyle
    This closes #1952

commit de92ea9a123b17d903f2d1d4662299315c792954
Author: xuchuanyin <xuchuanyin@...>
Date:   2018-02-08T06:35:14Z

    [CARBONDATA-2018][DataLoad] Optimization in reading/writing for sort temp row
    Pick up the no-sort fields in the row and pack them as bytes array and skip parsing them
during merge sort to reduce CPU consumption
    This closes #1792

commit 6dd8b038fc898dbf48ad30adfc870c19eb38e3d0
Author: xuchuanyin <xuchuanyin@...>
Date:   2018-02-08T06:42:39Z

    [CARBONDATA-2023][DataLoad] Add size base block allocation in data loading
    Carbondata assign blocks to nodes at the beginning of data loading.
    Previous block allocation strategy is block number based and it will
    suffer skewed data problem if the size of input files differs a lot.
    We introduced a size based block allocation strategy to optimize data
    loading performance in skewed data scenario.
    This closes #1808

commit e5c32ac96f4cf85ef7a42f2a14c31c19418a789b
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-02-10T02:34:59Z

    Revert "[CARBONDATA-2023][DataLoad] Add size base block allocation in data loading"
    This reverts commit 6dd8b038fc898dbf48ad30adfc870c19eb38e3d0.

commit e1c6448cdbfa8d5eab1a861485f953eea3984f1f
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-02-10T12:11:25Z

    Revert "[CARBONDATA-2018][DataLoad] Optimization in reading/writing for sort temp row"
    This reverts commit de92ea9a123b17d903f2d1d4662299315c792954.

commit 7f5751a78c28c8a428fa62a5f82858ac65415c86
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-02-11T02:12:10Z

    [CARBONDATA-2156] Add interface annotation
    InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotation should be added for user and developer
    1.InetfaceAudience can be User and Developer
    2.InterfaceStability can be Stable, Evolving, Unstable
    This closes #1968

commit a848ccff8aaf3c10970c61b1f85bce56478ca0ac
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-02-10T11:44:23Z

    [CARBONDATA-1997] Add CarbonWriter SDK API
    Added a new module called store-sdk, and added a CarbonWriter API, it can be used to write
Carbondata files to a specified folder, without Spark and Hadoop dependency. User can use
this API in any environment.
    This closes #1967

commit d898557aec564846e6298748698970de7e4eeca7
Author: Jacky Li <jacky.likun@...>
Date:   2018-02-11T08:27:25Z

    fix dependency



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