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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Exhausted after delivery attempt: 1 caught: java.lang.NullPointerException: charset
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:26:24 GMT
You can try to specify beanio as a <bean> where you configure the
charset via <property> - then its a <bean> style where you specify the
FQN class name and all that stuff.
Then you should be able to setup the encoding as a java....Charset type.

The <bean> <property> stuff may be a bit cumbersome to get right, but
it ought to be possible.

Then you can refer to the bean via <marshal ref="xxx"/> where xxx is
the bean id.

The FQN class would be the beanio dataformat class you can find in the
camel-beanio JAR file.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 4:16 PM,  <> wrote:
> I tried all possible to set CamelCharsetName property/header/whatever
> manually, in hope it would be used by beanio, but it doesn't work.
> I even tried to convert body to ISO-8859-2, which is single byte character
> representation, but whatever I try, unmarshalling fixed length stream with
> beanio fails
> as soon as there are diacritic characters in a message, otherwise it is
> OK.
>         <route id="simple-route">
>             <from id="request-file" uri="
> file://C:/mqdocuments/?fileName=request.txt"/>
>             <log id="route-log-request" message="request: ${body}"/>
>             <setHeader headerName="CamelJmsDestinationName"
> id="_setHeader1">
>                 <constant>queue://QM_TEST/INPUTQ?targetClient=1</constant>
>             </setHeader>
>             <to id="_to1" pattern="InOut"
> uri="websphere:queue:SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LOCAL.QUEUE?useMessageIDAsCorrelationID=true&amp;replyTo=REPLYQ"/>
>             <log id="route-log-response" message="response body:
> ${body}"/>
>             <setHeader headerName="CamelCharsetName" id="_setHeader2">
>                 <constant>UTF-8</constant>
>             </setHeader>
>             <setProperty id="_setProperty1"
> propertyName="CamelCharsetName">
>                 <constant>UTF-8</constant>
>             </setProperty>
>             <!-- convertBodyTo charset="ISO-8859-2" id="_convertBodyTo1"
> type="java.lang.String"/-->
>             <!-- log id="route-log-response_CONVERTED" message="response
> body_CONVERTED: ${body}"/-->
>             <log id="route-log-response1" message="response
> header.CamelCharsetName: ${header.CamelCharsetName}"/>
>             <log id="route-log-response2" message="response
> property.CamelCharsetName: ${property.CamelCharsetName}"/>
>             <log id="route-log-response3" message="response
> ${}"/>
>             <unmarshal id="_unmarshal1" ref="some_bean_id"/>
>             <marshal id="_marshal1" ref="jack"/>
>             <log id="route-log-json" message="jackson: ${body}"/>
>         </route>
> This excludes everything but the first suggestion from the web as a
> possible solution with beanio, I may use something else, or get Red Hat
> support to utilize your fix.
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