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From Imran Raza Khan <>
Subject Design: Caching JPA Entities in Apache Camel
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2017 10:58:33 GMT
I have currently project to which i planning to migrate to Apache camel.

It exposes API to inquire for different Inventory stored in DB.
These Inventory model doesn't change frequently and new Inventory got
update once in two months.
Currently at start of Application i load all entities(Inventory,
SystemConfig, and couple of related entities ) from DB and stored in
HashMap's of my developed CacheManager class.
For any new changes we restart the application.

Now looking for some more better options in ApacheCamel

Should I cache the data or hit the database?
Use Cache providers like Redis, EhCache, Hazelcast or custom cache.
But should not overkill too or keeping future growth in mind i should
try some third party provider so in future i would not require to re
design from scratch if go for clustering. Currently its deployed on
two individual servers with hardware load balance on front.

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