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From Florian Posch <>
Subject AW: Camel Spring Boot: Bean initialization skipped in auto-configuration
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:12:13 GMT

Thanks for your swift reply.  

As mentioned in the Stackoverflow question, it is not a matter of generic objects like Map<>
or Object because injection of a domain-specific class doesn't work either.

Finally, I've found out what could potentially cause the problem: For my case, it depends
on whether camel-http-starter is on the classpath or not. If I remove that dependency MyInflightRepositorys'
data field gets injected, otherwise not. Not sure if this makes any sense in the given sample
but that changes our application's behaviour...


I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Florian Posch // Software Engineer

T   -

RunningBall Sports Information GmbH 
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Plabutscher Straße 63 
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8051 Graz 

Skype rb.fposch


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Von: Mark Nuttall [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017 13:45
Betreff: Re: Camel Spring Boot: Bean initialization skipped in auto-configuration

I looked at stacktrace and your code here. I agree with the comment about the Map. The same
thing can happen with strings. I am not sure what the map does but you might be able to that
in Spring properties. If not, either create a class to hold the map and make that class the
Bean or provide a name to the Bean and make sure you use that when you inject the bean.

I think we are going to need a copy of code that does not work. I use Spring Boot and Camel
pretty extensively and while it is not without issues, it was usually due to me doing something
probably I shouldnt have or there was a better way. :)

Also, as suggested, use constructor injection. The version of Boot you are using makes it
very easy - all you need is a single constructor on your managed object (to include the RouteBuilder).
And if you use Lombok, it is even easier.


On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 4:41 AM, Florian Posch <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using Camel 2.19.3 and Spring Boot 1.5.7 including the 
> corresponding Camel starter for my application and am having some 
> issues with a custom InflightRepository getting set up.
> It is defined as Spring @Component and should get applied to the 
> context by auto-configuration but the problem is that the bean isn't 
> properly initialized
>         @Component
>         public class MyInflightRepository extends 
> DefaultInflightRepository {
>                 @Autowired
>                 private MyInjectedBean bean;
>                 // ...
>         }
> The repository gets applied to the CamelContext as well as it is 
> available but to me it looks as if premature bean access in 
> CamelAutoConfiguration.afterPropertiesSet
> causes the bean not being initialiized properly (so @Autowired members 
> remain null but Spring starts up without an error). As far as I 
> understood this happens because Application.getBeansByType(...) gets 
> called before all property resolvers are initialized.
> I was able to work around that by manually initializing my 
> InflightRepository and setting it in a CamelConfiguration bean but for 
> my taste this is a bit dangerous to scan for custom beans that might 
> not get initialized properly during startup.
> There's a more detailed snippet given on my Stackoverflow post:
> boot-camel-autowiring-issues-in-camel-components
> Any question, please let me know...
> Kind regards,
> Florian
> Florian Posch // Software Engineer
> T   -
> RunningBall Sports Information GmbH
> M  -
> Plabutscher Straße 63
> F   -
> 8051 Graz
> E
> Austria
> Skype rb.fposch
> W


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