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From Ryan T <>
Subject Re: Help diagnosing camel exception
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 16:54:01 GMT
In the bean:jobService it may go on to hit a mongo instance.  But I'm not
sure where in the logs it led you to think it was there except that you
looked at the initial logs in the original message.  Those logs could be a
little confusing I'm sure as the original authors of the code did some
interesting routes.  I've attempted to simplify them somewhat so the
original error logs may not reflect the current code.  I would if you have
time concentrate on the reply messages that I sent most recently instead. 
Sorry if it confused you.  I tried to comment in the code what things are
doing so I did not have to send you the whole code base.  The important
thing to look at now would be the recent logs I messaged along with the
code.  The TimeOutErrorProcessor is implementing some of your suggestions
for the logs that is why I included it.  I sent you two routes, but the
second one is the most interesting as that is where the time out occurs. See
"//start of problem area".  I am just not sure which node.  I'm leaning that
it is the call externally, but since it never prints some of the log entries
I am not sure.  See success log example vs failure log example.  You will
see that some of the log entries that should be printing out are not and are
skipped, but then when it gets to the "saveDeviceUsageHistory' it starts
logging again.  There are stop and end log entries inside of every
Processor/Bean node entry so that I can see when it is starting and ending a
node.  You can see this by looking at the successful log.

Sorry for the novel,  I hope you can help me.  And thanks for your time.

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