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From Amruta Jawlekar <>
Subject Stop polling the input folder after the scheduled route is completed
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2017 12:51:36 GMT

I am working on a project which polls to one input folder, processes it and
keeps the processed files to output folder. The input files are then moved
to Backup folder.
Now I want to keep this on scheduler twice a day at fixed time. I did that
using CronScheduledRoutePolicy. Below is the code. 
The job runs on the scheduled hour, once all files are processed if I keep
another files to same input folders it processes those too. Cannot use
routeEndTime because I am not sure how much time it will take to process all

How do I ask Camel to stop polling to input folder until the next scheduled
time. I want the route to run at 12pm noon and 6pm, and not continuously
poll the input folder. 

	<bean id="startPolicy"
	    <property name="routeStartTime" value="0 00 12,18 * * ?"/>

	<camelContext trace="true"
		<camel:route id="inputFiles" routePolicyRef="startPolicy"

I tried using Quartz but was not successful. If it is possible using Quartz
and there is any link for Quartz example with spring camel context, then
please let me know.


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