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From Michal Siemaszko <>
Subject RabbitMQ Component ClassNotFoundException issue when deserializing custom types
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2017 17:33:23 GMT

Working on upgarding legacy application from ActiveMQ to RabbitMQ. Tech stack consists of
Spring (Spring OSGI migrated to Aries Blueprint as part of this upgrade), CXF, Camel, RabbitMQ;
integration of RabbitMQ with Camel via RabbitMQ Component (,
and few others, all embeded in Equinox OSGi container, with Jetty.

We had this resolved for about two weeks then suddenly this stopped working - i.e. deserialization
of messages works with Strings / built-in types, however utilizing custom types (our classes)
fails with ClassNotFoundException at `org.apache.camel.component.rabbitmq.RabbitMQMessageConverter.deserializeBody`.
Full stack attached.

Your help with clues/pointers as to why RabbitMQ would not be able to see these classes -
if bundles where they're contained export these packages as they were previously when this
worked - is much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Michal Siemaszko

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