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From Jaap Spiering <>
Subject soTimeout default on FTP connections, documentation issue?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:18:32 GMT

we have recently been experiencing some Camel routes taking quite a
long time to complete with a visible five-minute delay in
communicating with an FTP endpoint. So I did some investigation and it
looks like this could be a socket timeout (which is new to us, we just
moved from 2.15 to 2.17 with Fuse 6.3). However, in the documentation

it says about the soTimeout:

soTimeout     null / 30000

FTP and FTPS Only: Camel 2.4: Is the SocketOptions.SO_TIMEOUT value in
millis. A good idea is to configure this to a value such as 300000 (5
minutes) to not hang a connection. On SFTP this option is set as
timeout on the JSCH Session instance.

Also SFTP from Camel 2.14.3/2.15.3/2.16 onwards.

>From Camel 2.16 onwards the default is 30000 (30 sec).

While in the code (RemoteFileConfiguration) the default value of
soTimeout is set to 300000 (5 minutes) instead of 30000 (30 seconds).

So it looks like this could be a documentation issue and the suggested
value is actually the default value. Or am I missing something here?



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