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From Avnish Pundir <>
Subject Re: netty4(-http) producer workerGroup and producerPool
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2016 09:14:06 GMT
Hi Willem,
I just tried sharing the workerpool as per docs of netty4 
( however the class mentioned in 
example ( for sharing of 
worker pools doesn't exist in netty4. I have camel-netty4 as a 
dependency in maven and "netty-all(4.0.34.FINAL)" is present on my 
project classpath as a transitive dependency. The mentioned class exists 
in netty3 as far as I can tell from googling around.

Looks to me docs for netty4 are still pointing to camel-netty 
documentation for example section at least, as the example mention "boss 
and worker thread pools" whereas the options mention bossGroup and 
workerGroup (not pools). You did mentioned that you have updated wiki 
doc, if it's relevant can you please share updated doc link or point me 
in right direction for sharing workerGroup with netty4?

Avnish Pundir

On 03-11-2016 15:14, Willem Jiang wrote:
> Hi,
> I just checked the code of camel-netty4, the workerGroup can be share between the consumers
and producers if the option is specified otherwise camel creates a new workerGroup per consumer
or producer.
> The wiki doc is updated, I will commit a quick fix to the camel netty component.
> --
> Willem Jiang
> Blog: (English)
> (Chinese)
> Twitter: willemjiang
> Weibo: 姜宁willem
> On November 3, 2016 at 12:55:34 PM, Pundir Avnish ( wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I am trying to use netty4-http (in producer mode) to connect to remote
>> services. Apparently in my use case there are number of different remote
>> services (more than 30 in total) I have to talk to. To keep the threads
>> management under direct control, I was hoping to use same thread pool
>> for all these endpoints. At a glance it looked like sharing workerGroup
>> will do the trick. However from the documentation it feels like this
>> option is for consumer (at least from the examples in
>> whereas for producer we should be
>> using producerPool* properties. I need guidance on following from the
>> community experts -
>> 1. Is the above understanding correct, i.e. workerGroup can be used ONLY
>> with consumer? If not what impact will it have if used with producer and
>> more importantly how does it impact/influence producerPool.
>> 2. Is it possible to use single executor across all my netty4-http
>> producers? I don't see usual option of setting executorServiceRef option
>> with either netty4 or nett4-http.
>> --
>> Thanks,
>> *Avnish Pundir*
>> --

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