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From "" <>
Subject Re: How can I configure Camel/ActiveMQ to receive from an external RabbitMQ producer?
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 19:46:44 GMT
souciance wrote
> Aha, but once you start the rabbitmq endpoint on Camel it will try to
> connect to whichever hostname you defined. If that hostname is not yet
> available you will get connect refused. Camel will try to connect on
> startup, if you don't want this, then disable the rabbit stuff until you
> have the rabbit server running.
> What I mean is, you have the code:
> <from uri="rabbitmq://localhost:5672/rabbit?sslProtocol=true"/>
> This will try to connect to rabbit on localhost on startup (when the route
> starts). So either disable the route as not to start or replace it with a
> "direct" uri for now until you get rabbit running.

Ok, a bit confused by this no doubt from lack of experience with Camel.
Thanks for your time/assistance. So this is what I would like to do and
please tell me whether this is possible or not (and if so, how to go about
it would be great too):

On the camel server I want to set up a route(endpoint?) into which some
external system using rabbitMQ can post messages. I will have zero control
over when or if the external system decides to send anything, I just need a
way to receive its messages when/if they decide to send them. So when I
start my camel server I would like it to come up and be ready to receive
these messages - again with no guarantee as to when or if I will get

For testing purposes I have a laptop on the network set up with RabbitMQ so
I can eventually use it to send messages to the Camel server. But the
question is how to get the camel server set up in the first place?

Thanks again!

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