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From Tarek Jarraya <>
Subject [camel 2.17] limited performance (not more than 20 req/s)
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2016 18:32:53 GMT
Hi All,

I face a performance issue with camel 2.17 running inside tomcat 7.0.65
I can not run more than 20 user per second (with gatling). Over 20 user/s,
the response time increase drastically, the pool of tomcat thread is
completely used (1000 threads), and also the JVM CPU usage.

My configuration contains only one context, inside one route:
- with two endpoints ("from" servlet "to" http4)
- with two xslt transformation (saxon=true)
- a logging in logback of the 4 xml (2 req and 2 res)

I attach the config file.

I did test locally and I mocked the internal service to be sure that all
latency comes from camel. Most requests spends 5 seconds inside camel
before calling internal mock service.

I played with pools sizing but no improve. For tomcat, I use the default
configuration (1000 max thread pool). For http4, I try to add some options

Any advise for investigation with be appreciated.


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