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From Matt Pavlovich <>
Subject Re: Blueprint(Spring) DSL vs JAVA DSL
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 17:13:51 GMT
I agree with Brad's points and if you asked 100 people you'd probably 
get a fairly even mix of preferences. I would favor Blueprint over Spring.

I've been helping organizations adopt Camel for 8+ years and have 
generally found blueprint to be the best mix for long term support and 
ramp-up of junior and mid-level resources. I tend to see the Java DSL 
preference in Sr resources and folks doing really complex tasks.

Additionally, I find a fully loaded route with configuration, error 
handling, data sources, logging can be complicated for junior and 
mid-level resources to grok when they are gearing up. Additionally, 
sharing data sources and services via OSGi is super handy, and an 
efficient transition for folks coming from Spring / JEE concepts.

I do think that the biggest gain to be had is being standardized across 
the organization vs figuring out which has some minor benefit or trade-off.

My $0.02

On 4/27/16 11:55 AM, Brad Johnson wrote:
> I use blueprint, never use the graphical editor, and use quite a few Java
> classes anyway.  One benefit to using Java classes is you can unit test
> them directly with JUnit.
> To me the biggest benefit in the XML and blueprint are (a) easy
> configuration of endpoints, (b) management of OSGi services, (c) some easy
> ways to invoke EIPs on routes when the XML is easier to use.  I never use
> the Java DSL but will commonly inject endpoints into my Java classes.
> Everyone is different.  I think Claus pretty exclusively uses Java DSL.  It
> isn't a right thing or a wrong thing.  As a team you obviously have to
> decide.  If you are running in Fuse you'll most likely at least bootstrap
> your bundles from blueprint even if you do use the Java DSLs.
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 10:27 AM, NikheelRanjan <>
> wrote:
>> The question is which one of the DSL implementation you want to use when
>> you
>> are going to use camel+jboss fuse based implementation. My points are:
>> 1.Blueprints(similar to spring DM) are best supported in osgi based
>> environments.
>> 2. XML s not only reduce the number of classes but also if working in jboss
>> dev studio gives you a chance to graphically design your routes through
>> visual editor.
>> 3.Configuration in XML never requires recompilation and can be easily
>> understood by any person who understands the basics of xml.
>> 4.At runtime its all on camel based components irrespective of java DSL or
>> spring DSL.
>> My concerns:
>> Does using xmls/spring DSLs really give you any maintenance problems? Does
>> choice of DSL really matter or it just depends upon the
>> developers/technical
>> team's capability to find the comfort-ability? Please give your points as
>> we
>> have two groups in teams where one group is supporting java DSL other is
>> SPRING based one.
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