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From Martin Scharm <>
Subject XMPP: chat responding not possible
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2016 16:23:48 GMT
Hi camels,

I tried to implement a simple XMPP bot, but reading and responding
from/to the same XMPP chat seems to fail: The bot seems to send the
messages to itself.

I configured an endpoint using:

userA = "bot",
userB = "human",
server = "SERVER",
port = "5222",
passwordA = "secret";

final String chatEndpoint =
              userA, server, port,
              userB, server, passwordA);

which produces an endpoint such as
so the bot authenticates with SERVER and it will talk to human@SERVER.

The bot is indeed able to read from XMPP and dump the messages to std::out:


And the bot is able to send XMPP messages:


So far, I'm really impressed! :)

However, simply responding to the human's message fails:


My XMPP server (prosody) shows me, that the bot sends the messages to

debug   Received[c2s]: <message id='g0x1L-5' type='chat' to='bot@SERVER'

But I have no idea why.. Am I doing something wrong?
I tried adding &participant=human@SERVER to the chatEndpoint which
doesn't solve the issue. I also tried to create two separate chat
endpoints with different resource names, but that didn't work either.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Best wishes,

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