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From "Walzer, Thomas" <>
Subject dataformats/state of smooks
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2016 12:33:54 GMT

I have to deal with "weird" dataformats quite regularly. Think of SAP-HCM or edifact.

SAP HCM looks like this (to quote from

HCM messages are defined as a sequence of segments (identified by a 3-character name, e.g.
HEA, PAT, FAL, END). The contents of the HCM segments are loosely based on HL7 version 2.
Each segment is defined as a sequence of fields. Each field has a fixed-width – filled with
trailing spaces if the actual data is of a smaller size. A HCM message is communicated as
one long string which consists of the concatenation of (segment names, field contents in a

How would you unmarshal/marshal that with Camel? I tried HCM with Beanio and it kinda works
but not very elegantly. For edifact this is not going to work.

I understand from the docs that one could use smooks with Camel and Smooks could parse edifact
and my weird formats.
However I did not find any useful examples on how to use those together. And I am unsure about
the state of the smooks project.

How would you guys do that?

Cheers, Thomas.
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