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From fxthomas <>
Subject Not move file on custom exception thown (file component)
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 12:00:55 GMT

  I have a below route configuration, my problem is that I don't want camel
to move the file to error Or complete folder incase i throw a custom
exception while processing . But currently it moves the file to complete or
error if I handle the exception true/false. Is there a way to make camel
leave the file as it is in the same folder.  I am stopping the route for the
exception "com.exception.FileSequenceException" which works but the file
gets moved, which i want to avoid in this special scenario.

<route routePolicyRef="routePolicy"
shutdownRunningTask="CompleteCurrentTaskOnly" id="ProcessCSVToDB">
        	<process ref="stopRouteProcessor"/>
        	<process ref="stopRouteProcessor"/>
            	<simple>${body} != null</simple>
        		 <process ref="stopRouteProcessor"/>

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