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From Michele <>
Subject Idempotent Component and DLQ Error Handler
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2016 10:49:16 GMT
Hi everyone,

a common requirement in my business is to provide a route with an idempotent
component for inbound message. That means that when a message that has
already been processed into the route then it will discarded and it will
forwarded to queue of message already processed.

This doesn't work fine with DLQ error handler, after redelivery policy the
messageId isn't deleted from repository (The IdempotentFileRepository will
contain only message successful processed) Why? Any idea? 

This is my route (No TX):

		<route id="ProcessingMessageDataWithIdempotentStrategy_Route"
			<from uri="activemq:queue:IF_CUSTOMER_NormalizedIncomingTickets" />
			<idempotentConsumer messageIdRepositoryRef="IdempotentFileRepository"
skipDuplicate="false" removeOnFailure="true" >
                	<log message="ALERT: Found Duplicated Message in Routing
System. It will be discarded!" />
uri="activemq:queue:IF_CUSTOMER_ProcessedIncomingTickets" />
                	<stop />
				<enrich uri="direct:crm-login" strategyRef="OAuthStrategy" />
				<log message="Token ${in.header.OAuth-Token}" loggingLevel="DEBUG"/>
				<marshal ref="Gson" />
				<setHeader headerName="Content-Type">
				<setHeader headerName="CamelHttpMethod">
				<setHeader headerName="CRMInsertTicketPath">

				<recipientList stopOnException="true" parallelProcessing="false"
					<to uri="activemq:queue:IF_CUSTOMER_ProcessedIncomingTickets" />

Best Regards


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