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From Greg Autric <>
Subject Re: Configuring Camel-Swagger
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 18:30:23 GMT
Hi Antony

have you ever seen the camel-example-swagger-java ?
It looks like the same as yours.

best regards,

Greg AUTRIC                        
JBoss Middleware Consultant

email   : gautric __at__ redhat __dot__ com
twitter : @gautric_io

Red Hat Global Services            
Red Hat France SARL                sit:
Le Linea, 1 rue du General Leclerc, 92047 Paris La Défense Cedex
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De: "Anthony Clegg" <>
Envoyé: Jeudi 10 Décembre 2015 14:23:40
Objet: Configuring Camel-Swagger

I have just downloaded the latest JBoss Fuse Environment 6.2.1 and I am told
that swagger now works? The red hat documentation
is suggesting using camel-swagger however this is documented as being

Also I am using a spring xml context file for my dependency injection and
not blueprint.

I have all my POJO's annotated correctly for swagger so could anyone please
help me get swagger working.

Here is my xml

<beans xmlns=""
	<camelContext id="SPBCSRestAPI"
			<bean method="statusAsException" ref="notificationsService" />
		<restConfiguration component="jetty" bindingMode="auto"
			<dataFormatProperty key="xml.out.mustBeJAXBElement"	value="false" />
		<rest path="{{rest.api.uri.prefix}}/bcs">
			<post uri="/workItemNotification"
				<to uri="direct:notificationsPOST" />
			<get uri="/workItemNotifications">
				<to uri="direct:notificationsGET" />
			<get uri="/workItemNotification">
			<to uri="direct:notificationGET"/>
			<get uri="/quartz">
			<to uri="direct:quartzGET"/>
		<route id="notificationsPOST">

			<from uri="direct:notificationsPOST" />
			<log message="sending change notification to workItemRequest queue"/>
			<bean ref="notificationsService" method="post" />
			<bean ref="notificationsService" method="statusAsSuccessful" />
		<route id="notificationGET">
			<from uri="direct:notificationGET" />
			<log message="returning work item notification"/>
			<bean ref="notificationsService" method="getWorkItemNotification" />
		<route id="notificationsGET" >
			<from uri="direct:notificationsGET" />
				message="request notification GET resource: ${header.x-entityid}
${header.rowver} ${header.limit} ${header.type}" />
			<bean ref="notificationsService" method="get" />
		<route id="quartzGET" >
			<from uri="direct:quartzGET" />			
			<bean ref="notificationsService" method="getQuartzJobs" />
		<route id="batchActivationRequest">
			<from uri="activemq:queue:ActivationRequest"/>
			<unmarshal ref="activationJson"/>
			<bean ref="batchExecutionHandler" method="execute" />

		<route id="realTimeActivationRequest">
			<from uri="activemq:queue:RTActivationRequest?concurrentConsumers=5" />
			<log message="removed real time activation" />
			<unmarshal ref="activationJson"/>
			<bean ref="realTimeExecutionHandler" method="execute" />

		<route id="changedWorkItemsResponse">
			<from uri="activemq:queue:ChangedWorkItemsFRUs?concurrentConsumers=5" />
			<unmarshal ref="activationJson"/>
			<bean ref="changedWorkItemsService" method="processFruFromQueue" />

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