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From gbchriste <>
Subject Camel Without Maven
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 16:59:08 GMT
I'm planning to re-architect an existing Java application to incorporate
messaging via JMS to integrate with a Windows back end system.  I've done
some rapid prototyping with ActiveMQ and I've also been reading through
Camel in Action (Ibsen, et al) and am convinced that this is the combination
I want to use.

I'll confess up front that I'm a 2-decade Windows developer and have been
dealing seriously with Java only for the last year or so, so I definitely
have an uphill climb.  I got the unenviable job of maintaining an
application that was built for us by a contractor who disappeared after
Version 1 was delivered.

Anyway, the biggest roadblock in my plan is the heavy reliance that Camel
places on Maven for managing Camel dependencies.  Our organization's
development activities are required to be carried out inside a separate
network enclave that has highly restrictive policies for Internet access. 
Maven is one of the sites that cannot and never will be allowed to be
accessed from within the development enclave and there is no way and never
will be a way for me to take my development activities outside the enclave.

So I need to come up with a work around to get all the necessary Camel
dependencies as I add each Camel module.  I've downloaded the entire Camel
bundle to local jar files and can create local library references.  I've
already tried out the camel-core with some simple file and Bean endpoints.
But trying to manually figure out what all the dependencies are for other
Camel modules, and going and getting them, is proving to be more than I want
to bite off.  I spent 3 hours last night trying to figure out how to do a
simple HTTP request using either camel-jetty or camel-http because I
couldn't get all the right dependencies loaded up.

Here's my thinking and would like to get some community input.  I have a
laptop loaded up with Netbeans (our organization Java standard IDE).  What
about this process:

1.  Create a Maven project in Netbeans on laptop.  There would be no code
here.  I'll just use it to communicate with the Maven repository.
2.  Take laptop to a network connection outside the restricted enclave
3.  Add dependencies to my Maven project for Camel modules (e.g. camel-core,
camel-jetty, camel-jms, et al)
4.  Let Maven project download all jars to local repository on laptop
5.  Take laptop back to development enclave and copy in to lib folder of
target project
6.  Add Library references in target project

Appreciate any help or advice folks can give.

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