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From fxthomas <>
Subject Re: Consume messages & rollback
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2015 17:07:23 GMT

   Okay even if I use spring transaction, i still don't get it if the
processing is fail safe even if I set Ack to false

    For example I have a route as below and even a dead letter channel
configured.  In the error handler I am logging the message in a DB in case
if it was not delivered.  But what will happen  in case the message was not
logged in the DB due to some environment error etc. What happens to the
message , will the Active MQ  get the ACK . Because as far I have read in
the documentation of camel , as soon as the Processor has finished execution
the ack is sent back. (Hope I am right) even if there was a error or not
after it . How can my scenario be handled in a effective way. 

<route errorHandlerRef="CustomErrorHandler" customId="true" id="ROUTE_DATA"
 <from uri="direct:ACTIVEMQ"/>
 <process ref="CustomMapping" id="process2"/>
     <multicast parallelProcessing="true"
executorServiceRef="customThreadPoolProfile" id="multicast2">
         <pipeline id="pipeline1">
             <marshal id="marshal1">
                 <custom ref="kyroFormat"/>
             <to uri="rabbitmq://localhost/HDFSMASTER" id="to9"/>
        <pipeline id="pipeline2">
             <process ref="CustomSantizerProcessor" id="process3"/>
             <marshal id="marshal2">
                  <custom ref="kyroFormat"/>
             <to uri="rabbitmq://localhost/EXCHANGEMASTER" id="to10"/>

		<route customId="false" id="CustomErrorRoute"
			<from uri="direct:ErrorRoute" />
				<method ref="CustomErrorProcessor" method="createErrorEntry" />
			<to uri="sqlComponent:{{sql.insertNewError}}" />

Felix T


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