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From SteveR <>
Subject NEED HELP: Exchanges remain inflight on route with recipientList to netty:udp
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 18:35:14 GMT

*What I'm using:* Linux RHEL6, Camel 2.15.3, netty3, Java 1.7

I have to deliver my Camel application to production soon and I have a big
problem that I can't figure out.

I have a route that consumes from a *SEDA *queue, formulates a UDP
acknowledgement from the received exchange body, and then sends the ack back
to the associated UDP client specified in the
*NettyConstants.NETTY_REMOTE_ADDRESS* header on the exchange.

The UDP acks do get sent out, which I have verified via tcpdump, but when I
look at the Camel JMX route statistics (using VisualVM) it shows that all
exchanges flowing through this ack-back route are marked as
*ExchangesInflight* and remain that way.  If I run a long test, say sending
in a million messages, the application experiences
* Too many open files.*

I'm including my route below.  By the way, I'm using the route-scoped
*onCompletion().onCompleteOnly()* approach within another route to send to
this ack-back route.

Any help on how to fix this is desperately needed and greatly appreciated!!!

I was also hoping that adding  .stop()
to the route would force it to mark each exchange as completed, but it
doesn't appear to.

Also, the only reason I'm using the *recipientList* EIP is because of the
suggestion on the  How do I use dynamic URI
<>   webpage. So
far, it's the only way I could figure out how to dynamically apply the
remote host and remote port to the netty URI.  I only need to send each ACK
to a single UDP client host, but I don't know of any other way to make it
work dynamically.  You would think that if there is a
*NettyConstants.NETTY_REMOTE_ADDRESS* header on the exchange that there
would be a way to tell *camel-netty* to just use that remote address.

  Thanks, SteveR

		.threads(threadPoolSize /*poolSize*/, threadPoolSize * 2 /*maxPoolSize*/)
			.threadName("threads_" + sourceRouteId + "_ACK_QUEUE")
		.process(cqmsAckBackProcessor).id(cqmsAckBackProcessorId)  // Formulate
		.recipientList( // See
				"netty:udp://${header.REMOTE_HOST_IP}:" +
				"${header.REMOTE_PORT_NUMBER}?" +
				"clientPipelineFactory=#MY_CLIENT_PIPELINE_FACTORY&" +
		.stop() // Stops subsequent routing of the current Exchange and marks it
as completed.
	.end();     // Ends the current block.

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