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From akoufoudakis <>
Subject InOut MEP
Date Wed, 13 May 2015 19:57:42 GMT
Dear all!

I am sure that this questions has been already asked. Apologies that you
have to look at it again.

I have a very trivial route, which uses InOut MEP:

public class InOutRouter extends RouteBuilder {
	public void configure() {


The bean is also very trivial:
public class ValidatorBean {
	private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ValidatorBean.class);
	public void validateSmth(Exchange exchange) {"bean invoked!!!");
		String body = exchange.getIn().getBody(String.class);
		if(body.contains("SOMETHING")) {
		} else {


The bean is invoked and I can see the logging output.
I can also see that the route works. The number of enqueued/dequeued
messages grows in both "incomingOrders" and "validate" queues.

However, I cannot see any kind of output after the bean execution is over.

Please, help me to find out what I am doing wrong or recommend what should I
do to process the reply (i.e., how and where can process the "Valid/Invalid"

Thank you in advance.

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