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From "Wilkerson, Daniel" <>
Subject Re: Problem Adding ActiveMQ Broker URL to Camel Context Using Java DSL Type Project
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 16:15:18 GMT
Hi everyone. I figured out the issue here (sort of). The camel main class appears to not provide
the Camel context correctly when the getOrCreateCamelContext() is called. I tried for hours
yesterday trying to make this give me the correct context so I could add the ActiveMQ component
in with the correct remote URL.

I finally used the startup code from the article below (found it in the articles section of
the site), thus replacing the use of the Camel Main class and it added the comment to the
context and I was able to see my messages hit the queue on the remote ActiveMQ server.

Hope that helps anyone who runs up against a similar issue.

From: <Wilkerson>, Daniel Wilkerson <<>>
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 11:53 AM
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Problem Adding ActiveMQ Broker URL to Camel Context Using Java DSL Type Project

I'm trying to add the correct tcp:// connection url to the camel context in a standalone/Java
DSL camel app and am using a boot() method that was pulled from example code on the camel
site. In my boot() method I'm trying to add the correct URL to the camel context but it's
not getting added. When the code runs its still looking for a broker on localhost instead
of the broker server I passed. How do I get the URL to be picked up in the context so my Java
DSL route can connect to the correct server?

public void boot() throws Exception {
        // create a Main instance
        main = new Main();
        // enable hangup support so you can press ctrl + c to terminate the JVM
        ActiveMQComponent amq = new ActiveMQComponent();

        //ActiveMQComponent amq = new ActiveMQComponent();

        // add routes
        main.addRouteBuilder(new EtlProducerRouteBuilder());
        // run until you terminate the JVM
        System.out.println("Starting Camel. Use ctrl + c to terminate the JVM.\n");;

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