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From Atanas Shindov <>
Subject Route removal triggers endpoint shutdown
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 07:40:32 GMT

I have a custom singleton endpoint which manages a resource used by all
consumers created by this endpoint. I open and close the resource in the
start() and stop() methods of the endpoint assuming that this way I would
prevent illegal states, i.e. the resource is closed, but a consumer is still
active and tries to read it.

However, I found out that Camel shutdowns an endpoint when a route is
removed which reads from the endpoint. This is a problem when there are more
than one routes reading from this endpoint as it results in the following

[routes 1 & 2 are consuming from endpoint X]
1. route 1 is removed
- producer 1 is stopped.
- consumer 1 is stopped.
*2. endpoint X is stopped.*
3. route 2 is still active and consumer 2 tires to access the closed

A comment above the
ServiceHelper.stopAndShutdownServices(route.getEndpoint()) invocation inside
the org.apache.camel.impl.RouteService.doShutdown() method where the
shutdown happens says:

"// endpoints should only be stopped when Camel is shutting down
// see more details in the warmUp method"

However, this is not the case. Is this a bug or I'm missing something?

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