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From MARTINEZ Jaime <>
Subject Problem with onCompletion mode="BeforeConsumer"
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 16:33:14 GMT

Sorry for my english, i'll make my best effort for write this.

I hava a xml file like this:

<routes xmlns="">

    <route id="id1">
        <from uri="timer://foo?fixedRate=true&amp;period=60s"/>
        <onCompletion mode="BeforeConsumer">
            <log message="finish"/>
            <simple>Probando 1</simple>
       <log message="working1"/>
        <to uri="direct:test1"/>

    <route id="id2">
        <from uri="direct:test1"/>
        <log message="working2"/>
        <to uri="direct:test2"/>

    <route id="id3">
        <from uri="direct:test2"/>
        <log message="working3"/>

if remove mode="BeforeConsumer" from the first route i get one
"finish" in the log, but if i use the xml with mode="BeforeConsumer" i
get the message 3 times (one per each route). Is that the behavior

I need that the onCompletion code runs one time but i need too the

Thanks for your time

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