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From Mark Kusec <>
Subject Retry strategy with loadRoutesDefinition
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:16:11 GMT
Hi all,

I have refactored a legacy Java application (i.e. no web container) to use Camel to send messages
from files to a queue.  I chose to describe my routes in XML so the routes could be re-used
in a future Spring web application.  My legacy application loads the XML routes using ModelCamelContext.loadRoutesDefinition().

Because I don't have Spring, I'm limited in what I can describe in my XML file.  Although
the documentation isn't too specific, I believe that the XML file can only contain routes.
 For example, I can't declare beans in the XML file, so I declare them in a SimpleRegistry
and provide that to the CamelContext before I load the routes definition file.

I am having trouble finding a way to give Camel a retry strategy for when there are connectivity
issues with the broker.  How would I give Camel instructions on how many times to retry, backoff
multipliers, etc?

Since my XML file only contains routes, it doesn't seem like I can use <onException>
or <errorHandler>.  Is there some alternate way to declare either of these, without
switching to the Java DSL?

(Also, according to,
it appears that routes loaded via loadRoutesDefinition don't get the benefit of onException
anyway, at least not until Camel 3.)

If I'm on the wrong track, is there some other way that I can tell Camel to retry periodically
(forever) when it is unable to send to a queue?


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