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From logobaran <>
Subject Introducing custom interceptors between predefined interceptors
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 22:03:13 GMT
I am working in a project where the camel integration is happening with
spring core . We are using a set of predefined interceptors in the below
  receive [AttachmentInInterceptor]
  pre-stream [CertConstraintsInterceptor]
  post-stream [StaxInInterceptor]
  read [WSDLGetInterceptor, ReadHeadersInterceptor, SoapActionInInterceptor,
  pre-protocol [PXAdditionalParamsInInterceptor, MustUnderstandInterceptor]
  post-protocol [CheckFaultInterceptor, JAXBAttachmentSchemaValidationHack]
  unmarshal [URIMappingInterceptor, DocLiteralInInterceptor,
  pre-logical [OneWayProcessorInterceptor]
  post-logical [WrapperClassInInterceptor]
  pre-invoke [SwAInInterceptor, HolderInInterceptor]
  invoke [ServiceInvokerInterceptor]
  post-invoke [OutgoingChainInterceptor]

Now I will come into the issue which i am facing and the one which i have to
fix .The issue is we are passing the input from soap ui and the soap message
is hitting the predefined interceptors for one of the input tag in the soap
ui we are supposed to give only integer but when we give some other value
like fraction it is getting caught in DocLiteralInInterceptor and is
throwing unmarshall exception but we want to handle it by creating a custom
interceptor before Docliteral interceptor and by trying to read the
xmlstreamreader object to find out whether it is having any fraction value
as input but when i am trying to access the xmlstreamreader object with it is ending in error in the consequent predefined
interceptors Can anyone help me on this 

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