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From Giacomo Lamonaco <>
Subject Unchecked conversion warning during message extraction
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2015 22:46:41 GMT
Hi all,

i have a little problem using Generic during message routing. I have a 
single route containing these two actions:

     <bean ref="myBean" method="aList(...)"/>
     <process ref="myProcessor />

The first bean calls a method returning an ArrayList<String>: the 
resulting value will be the body content. The problem is in my 
processor. If I extract the message body in this way

ArrayList<String> list = exchange.getIn().getBody(ArrayList.class);

I have an unchecked conversion warning during compilation. I don't if it 
is a java issue, but there is something that I can do for avoid this 
warning? Could there be some enhancement in this case?

Thanks in advance,

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