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From "lakshmi.prashant" <>
Subject How to use dynamic properties / bean references with http conduit used with camel CXF?
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 16:15:04 GMT

 Is there a way to specify dynamic values (using a bean reference) for  the
httpConduit properties of the CXF endpoint (camel CXF)? We need to look up
the values of proxyHost and proxyPort  in a bean at runtime and then
dynamically set it as the proxyHost, port for the Http connection.

I had tried the below:

<bean id="retrieveProxyDetails" class="" />
<bean id="proxyHost" factory-ref="retrieveProxyDetails" 
<bean id="proxyPort" factory-ref="retrieveProxyDetails" 

<http-conf:conduit name="{}MessageFlow_3.http-conduit">
   <http-conf:authSupplier bean="Participant_4__authSupplier"/>
   <http-conf:client ProxyServer="#proxyHost” ProxyServerPort="#proxyPort"
ReceiveTimeout="4000" ConnectionTimeout="4000" />
      <sec:trustManagers ref="trustManager"/>

This gives the error: '#proxyPort' is not a valid value of union type

Is there a way of doing this?

Or should we retrieve  these values using config admin service/ specify in
the camel blueprint the config admin properties?


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