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From "BURN, James" <>
Subject RE: Questions about doneFileName
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2014 08:53:55 GMT
Sorry I should add, this is using ServiceMix 5.3.0 and camel 2.13.2


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From: BURN, James [] 
Sent: 20 October 2014 09:48
Subject: Questions about doneFileName


We are using ServiceMix to subscribe to a service by looking for "done files" (.ready) before
downloading a copy of the data (.dat) files.

One problem we have is that once we have downloaded a copy of a data file we must remove the
.ready file but leave the .dat file

Here is my route:

            <camelContext xmlns="" id="camel-ftpdownload">
                                    <from uri="file:/data/readyfiletestIn/?doneFileName=${file:name}.ready&amp;delete=false"/>
                                    <to uri="file:/data/readyfiletestOut"/>

We've also tried noop=true but this leaves a .ready file once we have downloaded a copy of
the .dat.

We can work around this by calling a XSLT next in the route to delete the .ready file independently,
but this seems to be compounding the route complexity.

Q2 - the doneFileNames we are get aren't necessarily the .dat file name with a .ready extension.
What is the best way to work with this. Ie where we want to work with:
datafile123.dat and datafile123.ready   rather than datafile123.dat and datafile123.dat.ready



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