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From rsteppac2 <>
Subject Bundle using camel-spring-ws failes to deploy in Karaf
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 11:35:25 GMT
Hi all,

I have a small test project that uses camel-spring-ws (2.14.0). It runs just
fine in a Spring context and the WS client calls are acted on by my routes.
Now I want to convert it to blueprints to deploy it in Karaf (3.0.2).
However, the deployment of the bundle fails with:

   waiting for namespace handlers

Can anyone tell me which bundle/feature is supposed to contribute this
namespace handler? The feature descriptor I am using to deploy the bundle
("pas-webservice-hp") looks like this:

<features xmlns=""
    <feature name="pas-webservice-hp" version="3.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
description="PAS Webservice for HPs">
        <feature version="2.14.0">camel-core</feature>
        <feature version="2.14.0">camel-spring</feature>
        <feature version="2.14.0">camel-blueprint</feature>
        <feature version="2.14.0">camel-spring-ws</feature>

The offending part of the blueprints descriptor is this:

<sws:static-wsdl id="ams_hp_ws" location="wsdl/v1/ams_hp_ws.wsdl" />

which is required by this:

<bean id="wsdlHandler"
    <property name="definition" ref="ams_hp_ws" />

Might be I am going about it the wrong way altogether... In the Spring
context descriptor I used the JDK HTTP server as described  here

to avoid having to run a servlet container. I copied the same configuration
over to the blueprint descriptor to get started. Is this approach going to
work at all when deploying to Karaf?
The WsdlDefinitionHttpHandler is specific to using the embedded HTTP server,
but using the dispatcher servlet in a container still requires me to provide
the WSDL I want to expose with a <sws:static-wsdl ..> tag.

Thanks for your help!

PS.: This is a resend with slightly modified subject because the first
message was rejected due to a too high spam score. If both make it to the
list, my apologies!

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