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From hanusto <>
Subject SMPP component and problem with valid period (relative) and data message
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:40:02 GMT

I have two questions for SMPP camel component:

1) how to set valid period as relative ? It can be defined in absolute time
format or relative time format if you provide it as String as specified in
chapter 7.1.1 in the smpp specification v3.4. in format "000001000000000R"
as one day: 


but in packet trace I see deafult value because this format is incorrect,
probably, but exactly based upon specification. Maybe bug?

2) I would like to send push sms (m-notification-ind PDU type). As content
of message (exchange.getIn().setBody()) I am sending byte array as whole
message with UDHI segment. Data coding schema is "Octet unspecified (8-bit
binary) (0x04)". Problem is that SMPP component calculates length of message
and EsmClass is configured in right way only if length is greater than 140
number of bytes.

In SmppSubmitSmCommand:
            template.setEsmClass(new ESMClass(MessageMode.DEFAULT,

I think that message size is not related to UDHI and therefore why is
splitted and after that if segments is more than one, EmsClass with UDHI is
configured properly?

Please, is here any solution how to send m-notification-ind PDU type? As hot
fix I checkout SMPP camel component and use custom modification of this


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