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From gvasquez <>
Subject Retrieving EXEC_EXIT_VALUE from exec endpoint
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2014 18:09:10 GMT
No "exec" headers are set after an invocation of this endpoint, so I'm not
being able to decide what do upon process execution. I'm using Spring DSL
like this:

exec://{{cmod.arsLoad}}?useStderrOnEmptyStdout=true&amp;args=-f -g
${in.header.appGroup} -h {{}} -u {{cmod.username}} -p
{{cmod.password}} {{tmp.path}}/${id}</camel:simple>

I was trying to get the EXEC_EXIT_VALUE using something like:

<camel:log message="Exit code: ${out.header.ExecBinding.EXEC_EXIT_VALUE}" />

But since I got no output I even tried:

<camel:to uri="log:org.apache.camel.example?showAll=true&amp;multiline=true"

But just got:

[13/08/14 16:57:55:250 CLT] 00000077 SystemOut     O 2014-08-13 16:57:55,249
INFO  [example                  ] - Exchange[
, Id: ID-thor-altiuz-cl-55058-1407963458446-0-7
, ExchangePattern: InOptionalOut
, Properties: {CamelCorrelationId=ID-thor-altiuz-cl-55058-1407963458446-0-7,
CamelCreatedTimestamp=Wed Aug 13 16:57:44 CLT 2014,
CamelMessageHistory=[DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route1, node=multicast1],
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route1, node=to3],
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route4, node=to6],
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route4, node=setHeader3],
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route4, node=recipientList3],
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=route4, node=to7]],
CamelMulticastComplete=true, CamelMulticastIndex=0,
, Headers: {appGroup=CCMM,
, BodyType: String
, Body: CCMM
, Out: null: 

So nothing seems to be coming out as an "exit value"....any help would be

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