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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject camel-cxf with rpc/literal style wsdl?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 16:43:36 GMT
I am having the following problem and I am not sure if this is a known

I have a rpc/literal styled wsdl that works fine with standalone CXF
and would like to use this wsdl in my Camel scenario.

In my Camel scenario, I set up a camel-cxf producer endpoint using a
rpc/literal styled wsdl in the payload mode. That means, for an
operation, its message parts corresponds to the parameters of the
operation. And when the message is serialized, the operation name
becomes the root element of the soap body child that in turn contains
those parameters as its child elements.

When I was passing the XML payload over my camel route to this
endpoint, I thought I could pass the payload XML that has the
operation name as the root element just as if its corresponding
doc/literal wsdl were used. But this didn't work, as CXFEndpoint tried
to match the root element against the message parts of the operation.
That means, if the operation has one parameter and I pass this
parameter as the XML payload, the call succeeds. But for other cases
when there is zero parameter or more than one parameter in the
operation, there is no way to pass a valid payload for this operation,
as the payload is not a wellformed xml document.

Ideally, I think we should be able to pass the same XML payload as if
its corresponding doc/literal converted wsdl were used, that means,
the XML payload with the operationName as the root and CXFEndpoint
should unwrap the operation element for the rpc/literal case to fill
the CXF's message content.

I just wanted to ask if I am doing something wrong here or if this
rpc/literal in camel-cxf is a known limitation?

regards, aki

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