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From techbird <>
Subject Re: cxfrs
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2014 20:18:48 GMT
Sergey - thank you for your informative, timely and professional 
response.  I have a great deal of respect for everyone who contributes 
into Camel.

Your feedback is really appreciated.  Thank you - Bird.

On 03/06/14 20:50, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> On 03/06/14 18:56, techbird wrote:
>> Once more thank you Sergey, as discussed jira ticket raised.
> Thanks
>> I guess my hesitation has been caused by coding some simple cxfrs
>> routes; and noticing the behaviour of the producer. I couldn't help but
>> think, if there are lots of developers using cxfrs then this issue would
>> have been resolved a few years ago. So I thought, are developers
>> actually using cxfrs? if not, what component are they using or do
>> developers prefer to use cxf jax-rs directly from a bean or processor.
> AFAIK CXFRS definitely has not been the most used Camel HTTP aware 
> component. However it has been improved a lot recently. We have it 
> supported in our own distro. I also know that some developers do some 
> cool things with it but I'm not going to spend time promoting CXFRS here.
> The other point: CXFRS, due to its dependency on JAX-RS, does many 
> things the non-Camel way. It is a typical compromise: you either do 
> various things at a Camel route level, effectively do a route-based 
> 'dev' or you have a given component like CXFRS (or CXF) dealing with 
> things like serialization, exception handling, etc...
> The process of getting CXFRS more Camel friendly is under way, meaning 
> that we have some basic improvements in place now for it to respect 
> higher-level camel configuration properties, work with Camel-level 
> readers/writers, etc.
> HTH, Sergey
>> For my my use-case, I also have a need for a REST consumer, and for
>> simplicity want use the same component for both producer and consumer.
>> Therefore, I wondered what was the best way to write JAX-RS services in
>> camel!
>> On 03/06/14 09:48, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>>> On 03/06/14 07:45, techbird wrote:
>>>> Appreciated Sergey.
>>>> You confirmed what I thought, the throwExceptionOnFailure option is 
>>>> not
>>>> being processed by the cxfrs component.  I'll raise a jira for 
>>>> this, and
>>>> also that the default should be false.
>>>> Could someone chime in, and let me know if using cxfrs is the wrong
>>>> strategic direction for either invoking or consuming REST services
>>>> (using cxf) with Camel.
>>> Ultimately it is about making basic HTTP invocations from the route.
>>> So please don't worry about making a 'strategic' mistake by either
>>> using or not using cxfrs. As I said, try one of pure HTTP components.
>>> If you prefer JAX-RS but also for example Jersey rather than CXF then
>>> feel free to do a custom Camel Jersey module. There are many ways to
>>> achieve the goal of doing HTTP requests from the route
>>> Sergey
>>>> Kind regards and thank you Bird.
>>>> On 02/06/14 21:11, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> Can you please open a JIRA to get throwExceptionOnFailure=false
>>>>> affecting the client ?
>>>>> I can do it too, we can get it supported in CXFRS
>>>>> Typically, a JAX-RS client dealing with JAX-RS Response should not 
>>>>> get
>>>>> the exceptions propagated but I guess it is defaulted to right now in
>>>>> the CXFRS client
>>>>> Cheers, Sergey
>>>>> On 02/06/14 21:05, techbird wrote:
>>>>>> Thanks Sergey - was looking to use jaxrs/cxf.  Therefore thought
>>>>>> cxfrs.
>>>>>> Any ideas about the throwExceptionOnFailure option for cxfrs, has
>>>>>> anyone
>>>>>> being able to get it to work?
>>>>>> On 02/06/14 20:55, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi
>>>>>>> camel jetty, http and restlet and possibly other components can
>>>>>>> used too
>>>>>>> Sergey
>>>>>>> On 02/06/14 20:00, techbird wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi, two questions if I may.
>>>>>>>> (1) If I want to invoke REST services, is the cxfrs the preferred
>>>>>>>> component to use?
>>>>>>>> (2) Using cxfrs I cannot get throwExceptionOnFailure option
>>>>>>>> work.  I
>>>>>>>> would like to be able to process errors (>400) in the
>>>>>>>> rather
>>>>>>>> than
>>>>>>>> complicating the code with exceptions.  No matter what I
>>>>>>>> errors are
>>>>>>>> always raise an exception.  Is there any example code using
>>>>>>>> option
>>>>>>>> throwExceptionOnFailure=false?
>>>>>>>> Best regards, Bird.

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