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From Jon Mithe <>
Subject Help understanding a custom component
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 17:17:54 GMT

I thinking about using camel but struggling a bit / getting a bit lost,
wondering if anyone can help me get some direction on my problem

I have a client that connects to multiple servers via 1 connection to a
proprietary message broker. 

Essentially the app connects to broker and TCP communication is multuplexed
over the connection in channels specified by the broker config (broker
connects to all the servers locally).  

Channels are quite raw, proprietary API's over proprietary protocols or
protobuff, often channels use own ssl and authenticated sessions (i.e.
connect to remote server via broker, exchange logon message / auth).

The system architecture is getting large enough that integration is
becomming problematic / painful.  So I want to improve the situation by
adding some integration framework / patterns.

I'm thinking of adding camel into the main app and then servers to decouple
API's from the transport mechanism.  But all the custom components I see are
mutually exclusive, i.e one thing connects to another thing using 1

==> So I'm unsure how the idea of one connection to a server that spawns
multiple connections off of tif fits in with camel / how I would start
architecting my camel components. 

Especially as the message broker is essentially optional, i.e. I could
connect to all servers directly if need be.  Suppose, this maybe more of
camel proxing issue, need to google that.

I'd love to get a generic broker in there and start removing some of the
proprietary protocls but I dont think that is gonna happen anytime soon.  It
may be possible with some custom plugins to deal with the proprietaryness. 
Need to probably chat to ApacheMQ forums.

Any help / insight on my problems would be great.  I'm a bit stuck as where
to go from here.  Probably going to install ApacheMQ and write a hello world
app -> multiple servers to see a more perfect solution to learn / understand


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