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From deepak_a <>
Subject Re: Problem with sFTP PUT
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 15:27:44 GMT
Hi Claus,

So can you pls clarify how my route should be - I don't have a '/' in from
of the 'put' directory - so this should work right? or should I try:
/put/DTS4.UP.C5T62.S60300 ? (I think I might have tried that already)

                        <setHeader headerName="CamelFileName">


More information from SFTP server provider:

Please login and upload your file to the following path/filename as
described below in the ‘put’ command examples (step 2).  Your sFTP user ID
does not have permissions to change directories (cd) to or list (ls) the
directory “/put”.  You will need to upload using the full path
/put/{filename} while the default home directory is the working directory. 
You must use the file naming convention specified below.

1.	Login to DTCC server using an sFTP client.

2.	Upload input SYSID (file) to “put” directory:  
•	UAT:              put {your_file_path}  put/<file name>

To get the response from sFTP server

1.	Login to DTCC server using an sFTP client.

2.	List “get” directory (do not change directories):
•	ls get/GBCIGT1

3.	Download file:
•	get {remote_file_path} {local_save_as_file_path }

I am yet to test the 'GET' part - since I am stuck with 'PUT'

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